You have the right to movement. Use it!

What we are

Right to Movement is a global running community with runners and established communities all over the world running for the basic human right to freedom of movement.

How are we different?

We are a non-profit, non-religious and non-politic social movement. Running is our base. Storytelling is our tool. We don’t ask for your charity – we ask for your involvement. For your action.


Right to Movement came into existence in April 2013, as a conceptual bi-product of the inaugural event Palestine Marathon. Under the slogan “Right to Movement”, we held the first ever Palestine Marathon to promote the basic human right to freedom of movement as stipulated under Article 13 in the Human Rights Charter – and to tell a new story about Palestine.

After the Palestine Marathon runners from all over the world, ourselves included, wanted more. Runners wanted to keep running with the Palestinian runners in their own home towns and countries, and wanted to promote the Right to Movement elsewhere by physically claiming it. As part of holding the Palestine Marathon, three Right to Movement communities were established in Palestine and soon more followed in Denmark, Jordan, the UK, Ghana and the US contributing to building the global running community we are today.


We call on runners of all levels.
We run to manifest our Right to Movement.
We run for those and with those who are deprived of that right.
We run to tell stories.
We run to build bridges instead of walls.
We run to inspire you to do the same.


The company behind: Hereandaway APS 

(secondary registration name RIGHT TO MOVEMENT APS)

The company is established in march 2010 of Signe Fischer Smidt and Lærke Hein.

The purpose of the Company is the dissemination of knowledge and the creation of a greater understanding of development, poverty and intercultural conflict and to carry out charity work and any other actions deemed associated therewith by the Directors. The purpose of the Company is also to engage in commercial business in association with aforementioned actions, in order that any financial profits will be channelled to into the charity, based on the principle that the Company will break even.

Right to Movement is one of the projects in “HERE AND AWAY APS”, it is a global movement that everybody can be a part of – it is free and will always be. Right to Movement made the first marathon i Palestine back in 2013 and now have running communities and events all over the world.

Corporate registration no. 32830226

Special Thanks!

Since 2013 we have been establishing running communities, races and events all over the world. This would never ever have been possible without the many volunteers, community managers and runners whom has helped out, acted and been running with us for the Right to Movement. THANK YOU!

Signe Fischer Smidt
Co-founder and runner

Signe is a human rights defender struggling to find her way to change, influence and move the many systems depriving people of their basic rights. Signe has studied international development studies, worked for 4 years for a Danish NGO in the Middle East based in East Jerusalem which is where she got the idea for the Palestine Marathon. Now she is working with international development and policy-making. Her experience with development policy and human rights has several times left her in despair as the political structure put in place to ensure respect to human rights are not capable -or allowed- to solve the job. What she learned is that systems aren't facilitation change. People are, It is people who facilitate and make change. Not systems.

Lærke Hein
Co-founder and runner

Lærke is a well-known Copenhagen-based entrepreneur. Besides running she has a passion for football. Previously she has been working as a Chairman of the Board for Distortion Festival and today she works as an event planner for Politiken, one of the leading newspapers in Denmark. Her good friendship with Signe has inspired her to use her skills to create social change. "We can all make a difference in this world if we want to". Her passion is telling positive stories through events, arts and people. For her, Right to Movement is about manifesting our human right to move around the world.

Lise Ring
Co-founder and runner

MA Culture, Communication & Globalization. Journalist, writer, communication and management consultant by day. Running coach and endurance athlete by night. Trains people and organizations - and gives keynotes/lectures - in strategic goal-setting, communication and motivational + leadership skills. Lise is a tour de force of running wisdom - she can talk about running culture for hours. Multiple IRONMAN and marathon finisher, who’s coached hundreds of beginner and elite athletes in mental and physical aspects of endurance running. Co-founded Right to Movement and headed the media-section of Palestine Marathon since its inauguration, garnering global press attention to the race. Loves combining her passions of running, storytelling, community building and empowering individuals through goal setting and discovering the power of motivation.