Palestine Marathon - The Movie

Created on March 22, 2016

A marathon straight through Bethlehem in an area limited by checkpoints, barriers and refugee camps, where a 42,195 KM consecutive stretch does not even exist? Yes, why not.

Palestine Marathon goes to the big screen!

Danish entrepreneurs Lærke Hein and Signe Fischer took on the almost impossible task as part of the social movement – Right to Movement – fighting for people’s fundamental right to freedom of movement. This is the story of how they teamed up with a group of dedicated Palestinian women and men and lobbied local authorities to push for the seemingly impossible – the first-ever marathon in one of the world’s most disputed territories.

And then filmed it all, paving the way for ‘Palestine Marathon’, a documentary which opened at the critically acclaimed Danish Film Festival CPH:DOX, and became an instant audience favourite, at the opening in 2014. The film takes the audience behind the scenes and shows how the two Danish women single-handedly manage to put this historic event together and at the same time create a movement for Palestinian women who start tying their running shoes for the very first time. Click here for more info



  • DIRECTOR Simon Caspersen, Johan Blem Larsen
  • SCREENPLAY Simon Caspersen, Johan Blem Larsen
  • DIR. of PHOTOGRAPHY Mads Jørgensen
  • EDITING Cille Hannibal
  • MUSIC Philip Halloun
  • SOUND Brian Dyrby
  • DURATION 59 min
  • YEAR 2014
  • COUNTRY Denmark
  • COLOUR Color
  • TAGS Everyone has the right to freedom of movement
  • PRODUCTION Mads Jørgensen

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